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Vehicle Class Daily Rental 3 Day Rental Weekly Rental Monthly Rental
Economy $59.00 $169.00 $350.00 $0.00
Mid-Size $69.00 $189.00 $450.00 $0.00
Full-Size $79.00 $199.00 $523.00 $0.00
Luxury / Convertible $89.00 $230.00 $613.00 $0.00
Mini-van $99.00 $287.00 $683.00 $0.00
Premium SUV $129.00 $377.00 $890.00 $0.00

Make sure you have read the terms & conditions.
Class Daily 3 Day Week Month
Economy $59.00 $169.00 $350.00 $0.00
Mid-Size $69.00 $189.00 $450.00 $0.00
Full-Size $79.00 $199.00 $523.00 $0.00
Luxury / Convertible $89.00 $230.00 $613.00 $0.00
Mini-van $99.00 $287.00 $683.00 $0.00
Premium SUV $129.00 $377.00 $890.00 $0.00

Make sure you have read the terms & conditions.
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Terms, Conditions & Helpful Information

    • Free mileage within the state of Florida.
    • All prices exclude Florida surcharges and sales tax.
    • Prices also include tire/battery fee, vehicle license fee, rental car facility charge.
    • Free pickup within 10 miles of zipcode 32771.
    • Pickups in excess of 10 miles from rental location will be subject to a $20 pickup fee.
    • Prices are subject to change due to availability and/or season.
    • Minimum age of 25, otherwise an underage fee will apply.
    • There is an out-of-state charge of $40 per day when a rented vehicle leaves the state of Florida.
    • $25.00 non refundable reservation fee due upon reserving any vehicle
          (this fee will be taken off your total when coming in to actually rent the vehicle)
    • Security deposits required:
          Security deposit on CREDIT CARD is $200
          Security deposit on DEBIT CARD is $400 (This will not be a charge but a security hold that will be released when renter returns vehicle in same
      condition as rented)
      Utility bill is required in the renters name and address as appears on driver's license when utilizing Debit card or prepaid Visa or Mastercard as
      security deposits

    •   All payments on rentals have to be fulfilled in advance of rental period.

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